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Lockwood Holdings, the Heart of the Reserve


Business Campus Sub-District

This sub-district is intended to provide a superior business park environment, focusing on a strong presentation of office buildings within a natural campus environment. The regulations will focus on stronger presence from State Highway 360 and additional landscaping..

Building Corner Treatments

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center
Building Corner Treatments

Here is an excerpt from the DESIGN STANDARDS for the Reserve: "Buildings should reinforce a strong and pronounced corner condition at street intersections. Corner clips and other design approaches that do not form an orthogonal corner should not be allowed except at intersections identified on the Reserve Open Space Plan as having pocket parks. All buildings should be designed to accommodate City of Mansfield required visibility triangles without compromising the corner design.

Sidewalk Entry Hierarchy

Entrances into residential buildings that do not follow a format with street-level entrances for each unit shall use the following:

Carriage way— A twelve (12) foot wide entrance centered on the building and paved to complement sidewalk design while bringing the sidewalk experience into an internal private courtyard. Each carriage way may have a privacy gate within the building volume that is designed to allow views into the courtyard beyond.


Secondary entry — A six (6) foot wide entrance with ornamental entrance gate accessed by a stair stoop and defined by low cheek walls and planters at the sidewalk The stoop entrance is intended to carry the pedestrian up to the level of the internal building elevation thirty (30) inches above finished sidewalk grade on average Mailboxes, bicycle racks, and trash receptacles should be grouped around these secondary entries.

These and other standards for the Cental District will ensure enhance value of this areas for years to come.


Lockwood Holding property consists of four SUb-Districts of the Reserve;

(A) Neighborhood Two Sub-District
(B) Central Sub-District
(C) Business Campus Sub-District
(D) Workplace Sub-District

Click on each sub-district title to learn more. (coming soon)

The property also already has significant infrastructure including water and sewage mains.

The city of Mansfield has a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone that covers the reserve for future development.




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The Greysword Group is a division of CAIM Group and provides financing for the Lockwood Holdings property.
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